In 2023, the Seafood HACCP Alliance (SHA) Executive Committee met to set priorities and create a work plan. As a result, the steering committee and all workgroups are now restructured to make efforts more impactful while moving the organization forward as a whole.

SHA Committee Charter Structure

About the SHA Committees

Three primary committees focus on three areas of work as they pertain to training: Training Materials and Course Development Committee, Train-the-Trainer Committee, and Policy Committee.

SHA Executive Committee Members

The following Executive Committee members have provided the leadership to bring the Seafood HACCP Alliance to where it is today:

Christina DeWitt

Director, Seafood Research & Education Center; Professor, Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University

Training Materials & Course Development Committee Member

Claudia Coles

President, Seafood Products Association

Policy Committee Member and Protocol Workgroup Member

Daphne Koufomihalis

Training Logistics Coordinator & Seafood HACCP Alliance Administrator, Association of Food & Drug Officials

Doris Hicks

Seafood Technology Specialist, Delaware Sea Grant (retired)

Train-the-Trainer Committee Models Workgroup Member and Models Workgroup Member

Jason Bolton, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Program Leader for Food and Nutrition, University of Maine Cooperative Extension; Innovation Program Area Coordinator, University of Maine Business School

Course Audit Workgroup Member

Jillianne Craft

Seafood Officer, Office of Marine Fisheries Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

Joseph Corby

Senior Advisor, Association of Food & Drug Officials

Sanitation Control Procedures (SCP) Redesign Workgroup Member

Keith Skiles

Krystal Reed

Associate Executive Director of Alliances, Meetings, and Administration (AMA), Association of Food & Drug Officials

Lisa Weddig

Chief Food Safety Officer, National Fisheries Institute

Aquaculture Training Workgroup Member

Michael Ciaramella

Seafood Safety and Technology Specialist, Marine Program Lead, New York Sea Grant/Cornell Cooperative Extension

Segment One Update Workgroup Member and Community Engagement Workgroup Member

Razieh Farzad

Assistant Professor & Seafood Safety Extension Specialist, Food Science & Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida

Translations Workgroup Member and Presentations Workgroup Member

Steven W. Bloodgood

Director, Division of Seafood Safety Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Importer Training Workgroup Member

Steven Mandernach

Executive Director, Association of Food & Drug Officials

Whitney Johnson (née Moore)

National Training Specialist, Workforce and Program Development Office of International Affairs, Trade, and Commerce, NOAA Fisheries | U.S. Department of Commerce

Editorial Workgroup Member

SHA Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meets in person biannually. There are also quarterly virtual, touch-base meetings to discuss updates to the Seafood HACCP program and progress made toward objectives. Meeting information pertaining to specific committees or workgroups will be available on their web pages.

Volunteer as a SHA Workgroup Member

Have an interest in joining one of the volunteer workgroups in order to continue contributing to training in our industry?

The SHA Workgroups

Workgroups will operate on specific tasks as outlined above. These workgroups are fluid in the sense that once a project or task is completed, the workgroup can be disbanded or refocused on the next priority.

Course Development Workgroups

Workgroups focused on the development and maintenance of new courses and curricula.

Training & Communication Workgroups

Workgroups focused on training policies procedures, quality, and communication.

Materials Workgroups

Workgroups focused on updating and maintaining training resources/materials.

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