AFDO resolutions

Each year prior to the AFDO Annual Educational Conference, resolutions are submitted to the AFDO Board of Directors for consideration.

It is through this process that members, committees and regional affiliate associations surface concerns, and suggested action, relating to legislative, regulatory and technical issues as they apply to foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and consumer product safety issues.

All resolutions reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors are presented to the membership during the Annual Business meeting on Wednesday for consideration and vote for adoption.

After the annual conference actions are taken to carry out those resolutions adopted by the membership. These actions may include referral to one of the federal agencies for consideration, letters to Congress or to other organizations, or referral to the appropriate AFDO committee (i.e., development of an AFDO position paper, model code or other action).

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2023 resolutions

  • A resolution is currently under development for 2023.

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  • None

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