Endowment Foundation

The AFDO Endowment Foundation was formed in 1993 to establish a permanent endowment fund that provides support to AFDO’s educational scientific mission. Administered separately from the AFDO operating budget, the Endowment Fund is overseen by its own Board of Trustees consisting of AFDO members from the private and public sector and former state and federal regulatory members.

Why contribute

If AFDO is to continue to play a historic and significant role in promoting national uniformity, it must continue to effectively provide AFDO and regional Affiliate members with the opportunity to participate in its scientific and educational programs. For federal, state and local regulators, budgets constraints in lean years often treat the critical programs offered by AFDO as luxuries rather than the necessary means of furthering both goals of uniformity and individual professional development.

To date, over $1,000,000 has been raised, but more than ever, the goal of $1,500,000 must be reached to guarantee constant income regardless of the current economic climate.

While the $1,250,000 goal does limit money available for grants, several noteworthy efforts in alignment with the Endowment’s purpose have been supported. They include providing travel stipends for state representatives to attend a national Biosecurity Symposium shortly after 9/11 and financial support of reinvention of the AFDO website to further support members opportunities including online training programs. It will continue to be the practice of the Foundation Board to solicit the advice of AFDO, its Board and Affiliate organizations on the best use of its income.

A Board of Trustees manages the Foundation and all of the trustees are in the private sector. Because of the necessity of avoiding even the appearance of impropriety, government officials do not serve as Trustees. A list of contributors and the amount contributed is published annually.

After many decades of slow growth of federal and state governments, the trend appears to have reversed. For a variety of reasons, state budgets allocated to food and drug work have been significantly tightened. This “belt tightening” appears to be consistent with the generally accepted business view that government can be too invasive, duplicative and inefficient.

However, a corollary to this thinking is that the private sector must pay particular attention to those regulatory activities, critical to business essential to public confidence and vital in assuring product safety. AFDO’s uniformity mission and education programs are precisely in that important arena. If AFDO is to continue to play its historic and significant role in promoting uniformity among state laws, regulations and interpretations, and if AFDO is going to continue to assure that state and local officials are appropriately knowledgeable about their duties, then the AFDO membership must pick up the slack caused by decreasing state (and in some cases federal) budgets. This includes the Associate members, as well as all other membership categories.

How can you, your organization or company can give to the Foundation?

It is easy!  You can support the Endowment Foundation and participate in its future by way of a Direct Donation of cash, check, or credit card (Master Card or Visa only) or securities, or as a Deferred Donation in the form of life insurance or a bequest.  The Endowment Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is qualified to accept tax deductible contributions.  Each donation, regardless of the amount, is specifically recognized and publicly acknowledged within AFDO (or anonymously at the request of the donor) and can be given to attain any of the following donor levels:





Endowment Trustee Club


Presidents Club


Executive Club


Committee Chairs Club


Affiliate Officers Club


Exemplary Members Club


Honorary Members Club


21st Century Club


Sustaining Members Club


A contribution to the Endowment Foundation is my way of ensuring that AFDO continues as the only viable and vibrant forum for state, federal and local regulatory officials…together with colleagues in industry and academia…to develop the strongest and most consistent workable solutions to food and drug safety. Please contribute!

Marion Aller

Past AFDO President

A contribution to the Endowment Fund is an investment in the future of the profession AFDO serves, nurtures and represents. It’s important keep an eye on our future while doing our important work today.

Steve Mandernach

AFDO Executive Director

Contributing to the Endowment Foundation is an important investment in our profession.  I truly encourage all members to learn about the Foundation and invest in our own future.

Joe Corby

AFDO Senior Advisor

AFDO provides a means for multiplying our effectiveness, and a donation to the Foundation is an investment in a stronger AFDO providing support for its members.

Ernest Julian

AFDO Past President

Board of trustees

The Foundation was created by the AFDO Board of Directors. A Board of Trustees manages the Foundation and all of the Trustees are from the private sector or former government employees. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, current government officials are not able to serve as Trustees.

Other Trustees

Dennis Baker

George Burditt

Joe Corby

Ballard Graham

Gail Prince

David Read

Dan Smyly