AFDO issues

Strategic issues are fundamental questions that AFDO must answer to achieve its vision. The strategic issues reflect policy choices that are pertinent and vital to AFDO’s mission, management, customers, and resources.

To advance public health based on an integrated regulatory system

Define the benefits and value of membership in AFDO

Position AFDO as the “go to” source for information on food and medical products safety programs and services

Evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on available and potential resources available

Identify and strengthen potential collaborations that complement AFDO’s efforts

Become the home for cannabis training and information and promote sharing between states.

Prioritize the development of mechanisms for sharing retail data and monitoring its impact.

The goals are broad statements that say how AFDO’s mission and vision will be achieved. They describe the general direction we will take to move AFDO from its current reality to its desired future. Our goals are to:

Goal #1

Increase the number and active involvement of AFDO members.

AFDO is viewed primarily as a federal/state regulatory and industry organization. It must encourage the participation of local regulatory agency members. AFDO must provide real incentives and added value for prospective local agency members.


Broaden the scope of AFDO membership

To include more members who work with or for the drug or medical device industries.

Goal #3

Increase AFDO’s capacity and influence

By improving communication and coordination of vision, mission, and activities with AFDO’s affiliates. This improvement must be primarily web-based to ensure broad outreach and availability. AFDO’s continuing expansion of its website will be greatly instrumental in achieving this goal.


Assure adequate, continuous funding

Develop ways to assure adequate, continuous funding necessary for AFDO to aggressively pursue its vision by pursuing grants/cooperative agreements and contracts.

Goal #5

Balance expertise and organizational structure

Assure that AFDO has the capacity, expertise, and structure to pursue and support activities identified as key to achieving its vision and mission.


Expand and support successful training efforts in all areas

Foods, medical products, and consumer product safety. Increasingly utilize AFDO’s Website enhancements as an on-line training workshop and classroom as well as a gateway to FDA’s online training program, ORA-U.

Goal #7

Resolve and promote public health and consumer protection issues

Increase the visibility and effectiveness of AFDO activities intended to resolve or promote public health and consumer protection issues.


Foster regulatory uniformity through cooperation

Increase the visibility and effectiveness of AFDO efforts to foster regulatory uniformity through cooperation.