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Mission Statement

The goal of the translation work action group is to increase access to the Seafood HACCP training materials to a broader audience and ensure that our activities benefit a more inclusive range of stakeholders in the seafood industry.

Workgroup Responsibilities & Duties

  • Coordinate translation of the Seafood HACCP training materials to Spanish and other languages.
  • Create a network of Seafood HACCP trainers who can help with reviewing and editing the translations of the training materials.

Workgroup Size Limitations (or other requirements)

Limited to 5 people.

Workgroup Level of Commitment

The level of commitment is flexible based on the update in the guide.

Workgroup Term Limits

There is no term limit.

Workgroup Meeting Frequency

Once yearly, but this might change depending on the availability of the update in the guide that may need translation.

Workgroup Minutes

The Workgroup Lead will be responsible for keeping the meeting record. Meeting notes will be recorded by using Otter software.

Workgroup Resources

Funding for paying for the translation. So far, members of these work action groups do not charge for the time they spend reviewing and translating the guide.

Workgroup Lead

Razieh Farzad

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