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Training Materials & Course Development Committee


Mission Statement

The Training Materials & Course Development Committee evaluates and approves all training materials created for the Seafood HACCP Alliance.

Committee Responsibilities & Duties

  • Meet quarterly with workgroup leads to review activities and approve as necessary.
  • Approve any modified or new training materials.
  • Approve any new course development efforts.
  • Create new working groups related to material or course development, as needed.

Committee Size Limitations (or other requirements)

The Chair Executive Committee Liaison can be from any material workgroup or course development workgroup.

Committee Level of Commitment

Be willing to meet quarterly to report on activities of workgroup and also willing to review training materials.

Committee Term Limits

There are no term limits.

Committee Meeting Frequency

Quarterly (but could be bi-annually). These are check-ins intended as 1-hour meetings on Zoom.

Committee Minutes

Will be done via Zoom recording. A member of the committee will take minutes.

Committee Resources

Possible time to meet in person if there is a significant review of materials needed that will require up to a full day.

Committee Chairs

Christina DeWitt

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