Community Engagement Workgroup

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Mission Statement

To regularly engage and communicate with the SHA Community on alliance activities, updates, and new programs/trainings.

Workgroup Responsibilities & Duties

  • Identify the content and needs of the SHA Community.
  • Coordinate activities to engage and update the community (including webinars, presentations, meetings, and resource development).
  • Participate in quarterly calls.

Workgroup Size Limitations (or other requirements)

This workgroup is limited to 4 to 8 people.

Workgroup Level of Commitment

  • Attend at least 3 calls per year.
  • Assist with at least one communications activity per year.

Workgroup Term Limits

We will assess/confirm involvement annually, but this workgroup has no limit on length of participation.

Workgroup Meeting Frequency

We meet quarterly.

Workgroup Minutes

Meeting minutes will be recorded via Zoom transcription. Michael Ciaramella will keep notes in the shared folder.

Workgroup Resources

  • Contact list for the community.
  • Support for an in-person meeting if planned.

Workgroup Lead

Michael Ciaramella

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