Train-The-Trainer Committee


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Committee is to develop and conduct a 3-day in-person course for future lead instructors. The goal of the committee is to ensure that lead instructors know how to conduct the training using the Seafood HACCP Alliance/FDA training materials.

Committee Responsibilities & Duties

  • Work with AFDO to set up TTT courses at least once per year as needed in rotating regions of the United States.
  • Update training materials as needed.
  • Conduct the TTT with three qualified TTTs and one representative from FDA.
  • Ensure the learners gain hands-on experience using the SHA models and other training materials.

Committee Size Limitations (or other requirements)

A minimum of 3 TTT instructors and one representative from FDA per 30-35 students.

Committee Level of Commitment

  • Time to revise any training materials (this varies every year).
  • Four days for actual training including setup.
  • The committee chair needs to review applications and file course paperwork with AFDO.

Committee Term Limits

There are no term limits.

Committee Meeting Frequency

We meet via Zoom or as time permits at the Alliance Executive Committee meetings.

Committee Resources

  • Resources from AFDO to print and ship training materials, audio-visual equipment, expert fees, and travel.
  • Venue for the training and travel costs for the trainers.

Committee Chair

Doris Hicks

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