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Mission Statement

This workgroup aims to ensure that Seafood HACCP Training presentation slides for both Basic and Segment Two trainings are modernized and updated.

Workgroup Responsibilities & Duties

The primary duty of this workgroup is reviewing and editing the training slides for Seafood HACCP Basic and Segment Two courses.

Workgroup Size Limitations (or other requirements)

Limited to 6 people

Workgroup Level of Commitment

The level of commitment varies based on the updates in SGR 129, but members should be available to meet virtually at least once a year. If there is any update in the guide, there might be a 2- to 3-day yearly time commitment to review and update the slides.

Workgroup Term Limits

There is no term limit.

Workgroup Meeting Frequency

This workgroup meets once a year but, depending on the updates in SGR 129, there might be a need to meet more.

Workgroup Minutes

We will use to take notes. Virtual meetings will be recorded on Zoom.

Workgroup Resources

We will need help from a professional graphic designer to support the activities of the workgroup for modernizing the slides.

Workgroup Lead

Razieh Farzad

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