AFDO Annual

Educational Conference

AFDO’s Annual Educational Conference (AEC) is an exceptional opportunity to learn and network with both peers and a diverse selection of passionate subject matter experts in food, cannabis, and body art.

The AFDO Annual Educational Conference partners with regional AFDO affiliates to present this learning experience in a different large metropolitan area each year. For five days each June, the AEC is the center of the food safety world for professionals from government, states, academia, consumer groups, and manufacturing.

Subject matter experts come ready to share their knowledge. Dozens – yes, dozens – of national and international experts are available on more than 40 topics in the food safety, cannabis, and body art arenas. They come prepared to share formally and informally. Presenters often tell us that they learn from their audiences as well.

AFDO also hosts pre-conference in-depth workshops and training opportunities on a broad number of topics adjacent to the annual conference. A special first-time attendees session and communications help newcomers make the most of their time at the conference and set them up for the best possible experience during this event.

AFDO also contributes to the medical products space through the AFDO/RAPS Healthcare Products Collaborative events. Learn more by visiting

People tell us that the AFDO AEC offers incredible value for the money and time invested. Get ready for five days of educational sessions focused on five content tracks.

Make new connections with peers and find out how they are managing common challenges. It’s not just what you learn but who you’re learning with. Tracks include retail, manufacturing, cannabis, produce, and body art.

Hear what others say about the conference as part of professional development

The AFDO conference is where you learn about the most recent threats to public health and how to address them. It’s also where you learn about funding and resources available to support your program.

Ernest Julian, Ph.D.
AFDO Past President, Rhode Island Department of Health

The AFDO Annual Educational Conference allows you to connect with leaders in the food, drug, and medical product fields and learn about cutting edge trends in those areas. You come away invigorated!

Randy J. Treadwell, MPH
Program Manager, Washington State Department of Agriculture

There is a growing sentiment among industry and regulatory food safety professionals alike that in order to have a true culture of food safety, which is itself an indispensable element of a robust food safety management system to control risk factors in food establishments, stakeholders must come together and view one another as partners with a common purpose. That purpose is to protect the health of the dining public which is the sanitarian’s mandate while for the owner/operator of a food establishment it’s a matter of building customer loyalty and trust, protecting the brand, and building sales. AFDO provides a perfect forum to explore this partnership through the ongoing work of its various committees and its regional affiliates but most especially during its annual education conference.

Mick Miklos
Active Food Safety, LLC

The AFDO Annual Education Conference is where dedicated professionals who are passionate about food and drug safety meet. The key folks in food and drug safety, the ones who can and do make a difference, attend the conference for the latest information, training, and networking opportunities.

Mark Sestak Deputy Director
Alabama Department Of Public Health