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We are government officials. We are public health officials. We are university researchers. We are industry executives. We are university professors. We are consumer advocates.

We are the Association of Food and Drug Officials.

Despite our differences, we share a common goal — to improve public health through uniform laws, regulations, and guidelines for:

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How we connect food & medical product safety professionals

AFDO works with food and medical product professionals representing a host of disciplines, including industry, government, academia, and consumer groups. This connection of diverse groups allows for a richer exchange of information, often resulting in a unified voice advocating for regulations and positions on food and medical product safety.

How we share various perspectives in an open and collaborative forum

AFDO’s activities are focused on providing opportunities to share and collaborate as our members work towards common goals. These opportunities include annual conferences; participation on boards and committees; work on publications and best practices; and developing official regulatory positions on food and medical-product safety matters.

How we impact the regulatory environment on regional, national and international issues

Through the connections and sharing of information, AFDO presents a unified voice for vital improvements in the food and medical-product safety regulatory environment. It is through this advocacy that member contributions help to shape rules, laws, and regulations while improving best practices. Knowing that their input is being represented and respected provides a greater sense of personal and professional satisfaction for our members and stakeholders.

How we work to protect the health and welfare of the global community

By advancing more effective regulations — our members work together to network share, and impact their communities. But the ultimate benefit is protecting public health throughout the world. This worthy endeavor is why AFDO members freely give their time, energy, and expertise. Each person regardless of whether they represent regulation, industry, consumers, or educators is seeking to protect the public.