Cannabis Synthetics 101

Cannabis Synthetics 101: Webinar Questions and Answers

Cannabis Synthetics 101: An Introductory Webinar for Regulators (Recording)

Cannabis Synthetics 101: An Introductory Webinar for Regulators (Slide Deck)

The 2018 Farm Bill’s legalization of the cultivation of hemp without a robust regulatory structure for products has inadvertently created a market for hemp-derived synthetic cannabinoids, especially in states with continued cannabis prohibition. With every state handling these products differently, and legal battles ensuing across the country, those with the responsibility for regulating these products are left wondering how to move forward.

AFDO and FOCUS hosted an introductory webinar tailored to enhance regulators’ knowledge of the complex world of cannabis synthetics. Engelking and Hudalla addressed the legal situation that created the market for synthetics; origins, composition, and diverse forms of these products; as well as the health risks, legal challenges, and regulatory structures. 


Lezli Engelking, President, and Founder of Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS)  

Dr. Christopher Hudalla, President, and Chief Scientific Officer of Pro Verde Labs