May 11, 2020


Jeff Butler, Multi-generational expert


In the age of social media and digital politics, almost every message has various distortions contorting the true intention of the original message. Anyone can throw on a filter today or change a message's context in a matter of seconds (fake news). Unfortunately, the workplace is also falling prey to digital disruption, changing workplace relationships even though non-digital connections are the foundation of any successful organization. But with technology fragmenting human elements at work, how can people be human and build stronger's relationships such as increasing team productivity and culture retention? Jeff Butler, in this program, will explore why authenticity is the key to many of these challenges and how this trait is more than 'being yourself'. In addition, he will show tangible ways of how people can leverage their incredible empathetic power to transform their workplace. In his research, he discovered three key elements of authenticity and why more than ever, not only organizations, but also individuals need to utilize its effectiveness in order to be successful today. By unlocking its power, anyone can learn to bring the best you to work.

Take a look at Jeff’s book ” The Authentic Workplace: How Authenticity Is Creating The Workplace Of Tomorrow.” 

Learning Points:

1) How to effectively connect with coworkers so they recognize the true intention behind your message.

2) Tangible ways to leverage authenticity influence team productivity and culture health.

3) Why so many people in the workplace got it wrong when it comes to feedback.

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