Concerning: Marijuana-Infused Edibles

Whereas, health risks associated with marijuana infused edibles have been thrust into the national spotlight, and

Whereas, studies have suggested an association between marijuana infused edibles and psychological disturbances, and

Whereas, the potential risks associated with the rapid consumption of marijuana infused edibles can be compounded by its delayed effects, and

Whereas, consuming multiple servings of marijuana infused edibles, especially at one sitting, has an additive effect for potential psychological effects, with the possibility for over sedation that can lead to paradoxical or unusual reactions that can trigger intense anxiety, paranoia, or even frank psychosis, and

Whereas, the safety of marijuana infused edibles can be compromised by potential adulteration with other illicit substances or drugs of abuse, and

Whereas, AFDO recognizes the importance of reinforcing the need for packaging and labeling rules that edibles contain no more than 10 mg of THC and have clear demarcation of each 10 mg serving, and

Whereas, CDC clearly recognizes the danger of marijuana edibles by suggesting, “a need for improved public health messaging to reduce the risk for overconsumption of THC”, and

Whereas, the history of food and drug law illustrates the critical need for federal oversight through technical assistance to the states, guidance to manufacturers, information to consumers, and, where necessary, national legislation, therefore be it

Resolved, that AFDO request FDA to clarify, as specifically as possible, its policy position on marijuana infused edibles, and

Be it further Resolved, that AFDO advises FDA of the need for federal leadership on the matter of marijuana infused edibles and for providing guidance and technical assistance to the states on appropriate regulatory intervention in order to avoid the creation of a patchwork of state regulations covering this issue.