Concerning: FDA/OHAFO Work planning Consistency

Whereas, The Offices of Human and Animal Food Operations – East and West (OHAFO), a program within the Office of Human and Animal Food Operations (OHAFO) in the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA), provides advice and counsel to ORA and FDA leaders regarding human and animal food products, field operations, and emergency response activities, and.

Whereas, OHAFO collaborates with the agency’s Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine (OFVM), Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), and the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) on all FDA-regulated food products, and

Whereas, OHAFO oversees all field inspection and compliance operations related to human and animal food and other products regulated by CFSAN and CVM, and

Whereas, OHAFO oversight of FDA field activities includes workplanning efforts with state human and animal food safety agencies, and

Whereas, workplanning with these state agencies involve the active participation of numerous FDA personnel including Liaisons, Cooperative Program Specialists, and those individuals who conduct training and program auditing, and

Whereas, consistency in workplanning and all of the elements involved in federal state enhancement between states and FDA programs, and

Whereas, AFDO views uniform and consistent applications of all workplanning elements a critical means for advancing a fully integrated food safety system, therefore, be it

Resolved, that AFDO advise FDA of its view on the critical importance of workplanning between FDA Districts and the states, and be it further

Resolved, That AFDO advise FDA that this workplanning that includes inspection and investigation activities, training, and auditing be applied in a consistent manner uniformly among all OHAFO Districts.