Concerning: Availability of Level 1 and General Education Online Training to Academic Institutions

Whereas, recruitment and retainment of regulatory staff is a challenge for local, territorial, tribal, state, and federal food and medical products regulatory programs and;

Whereas, hiring and training new regulators requires a significant amount of time and;

Whereas, academic institutions have expressed an interest in utilizing US Food and Drug Administration’s online regulatory courses known as “Level 1” training and the general education courses and;

Whereas, providing these courses through academic institutions would assist in providing students information about being regulators and also lessen the amount of training time upon hiring for local, state, and federal agencies and;

Whereas, making available the online courses can provide a resource to assist in promoting regulatory affairs professions at the local, territorial, tribal, state, and federal level, therefore be it

Resolved, that AFDO request FDA to consider providing online trainings including “Level 1” and the general education courses to educational institutions.