Laws and Regulations Committee Update – June 30 – July 1, 2021

June 30, 2021


FDA Releases List of Guidance Topics for Foods Program


DateBrand NameProductProduct TypeRecall ReasonCompany
06/29/2021Flock PartyDuck treatsAnimal & Veterinary, Pet Food, Food & Beverages, Pet FoodPotential to be contaminated with SalmonellaManna Pro Products, LLC

Warning Letters

Posted DateIssue DateCompanyIssuing OfficeSubject
06/29/202106/17/2021International General Trading Corp.Division of Northeast ImportsForeign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
06/29/202106/08/2021STB Quarters, LLCDivision of Northern Border ImportsForeign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
06/29/202106/21/2021IDC USA INCDivision of Northeast ImportsForeign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
06/29/202106/23/2021Great Healthworks, Inc.Office of Human and Animal Food Operations, Division IV EastUnapproved New Drugs/Misbranded
06/29/202106/07/2021Flora IncDivision of Human and Animal Food Operations West VINew Drug/Misbranded
06/29/202105/26/2021JLM Nutritionals, Inc. dba JLM Nutrition—Super Naturals HealthOffice of Human and Animal Food Operations- West Division 5New Drug/Misbranded


Scientific Advisory Committee on Alternative Toxicological Methods Meeting – September 28-29. 2021


New USDA Resources to Promote Reduction of Food Loss and Waste


AGENCY: USDA-APHISRIN: 0579-AD10Status: Pending Review
TITLE:Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Scrapie; Importation of Small Ruminants and Their Germplasm, Products, and Byproducts



  • Today, FDA released a list of prioritized human food & cosmetic guidance documents it plans to publish within the next 12 months, which is intended to provide stakeholders with greater transparency, predictability &  insight into FDA’s foods program.
  • [RT @consumerbrands]: The transparency we need. Thanks @US_FDA for a look at what’s ahead.


  • Today, @US_FDA  foods program released a list of draft and final human food guidance topics that are a priority to complete during the next 12 months. Topics include: allergens, dietary supplements, food additives, food safety.
  • This is just one of several resources our foods program routinely provides stakeholders for increased transparency plus additional insights. Note, these documents represent the FDA’s current thinking on a specific topic, but they do not impose legally enforceable requirements.

July 1, 2021


FDA Provides Update on Ongoing Efforts to Better Understand the Occurrence of PFAS in the Food Supply

FDA Issues Update on Recent Activities Pertaining to PFAS in Food



  • Today, FDA is providing an update on its ongoing sampling and testing efforts designed to better understand the occurrence of PFAS in the food supply.
  • The results released today are similar to results found in previous analyses. Since we began testing foods for PFAS in 2019, only 4 samples out of nearly 300 tested have had detectable levels of PFAS & none have been determined to be at levels of concern for human health.
  • To better understand occurrence of PFAS in seafood, we are conducting a targeted survey of the most commonly consumed seafood in the U.S. Identifying potential PFAS exposures from foods is a high priority for FDA and we will share further updates as our work progresses.


  • The FDA is committed to continuing to advance the science and filling knowledge gaps regarding the occurrence of PFAS in the general food supply.
    • [RT @US_FDA]: Today FDA provided an update on our ongoing efforts to better understand the occurrence of PFAS in the food supply.