Laws and Regulations Committee Update – January 24 – 28, 2020

Federal Register

Agricultural Marketing Service

Proposed Rules

Revisions to the Federal Seed Act Regulations

Filed on: 01/24/2020 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 01/27/2020

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Public Health Alert Concerning Nopalina Flax Seed Powder and Nopalina Flax Seed Capsules and Salmonella Contamination


Date Brand Product Description Type Reason/Problem Company

01/23/2020 Morrison’s, Savannah Classics, Piccadilly

Cornbread Dressing and Bread Stuffing Food & Beverages, Prepared Food, Foodborne Illness Potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes Savannah Food Company, Inc.

01/21/2020 ABH Nature’s Products, ABH Pharma,, Inc.

Dietary supplement products Dietary Supplements, Products are recalled because of violations of current good manufacturing practice regulations ABH NATURE’S PRODUCTS, INC, ABH PHARMA, INC., and STOCKNUTRA.COM, INC.


USDA and HHS Take Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Meeting on the Road


USDA Consolidates Regulations for Laboratory Testing

National Academies

A Message from the Presidents of the NAS, NAE, and NAM


  • Just like #FDA, @myGFSI is embarking on a New Era of Smarter Food Safety. Read article at link to learn more!
  • ALERT: #FDA is issuing a public health warning for 12 lots of @Nopalina_USA Flax Seed Powder & Capsules due to Salmonella contamination. Consumers should STOP using these products. Specific lots affected can be found here:


  • Have you noticed? Many chain restaurants, coffee shops, and movie theaters now have calorie information on their menus. Compare calorie and nutrition information BEFORE you order and make the choice that’s right for you. To learn more, visit …
  • Cold winter days call for hot soup! When choosing, compare nutritional information and make the choice that’s right for you. #NationalSoupMonth
  • Future #Moms! Get adequate levels of folic acid by eating whole grains & corn masa flour fortified w/folic acid. Check out all our resources for pregnant women here> #BirthDefectsAwareness


  • #DYK the FDA requires food manufacturers to switch to new labels to reflect new scientific info, including the link between diet & chronic diseases? See what’s different on the new label: #ThursdayThoughts


  • Lipari Foods Issues Voluntary Recall Expansion on Additional Sandwiches Due to Potential Contamination of Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Five Star Food Recalls Sham Gardens Excellent Tahina Because of Possible Health Risk
  • ABH NATURE’S PRODUCTS, INC, ABH PHARMA, INC., and http://STOCKNUTRA.COM , INC. Issues Nationwide Recall of All Lots of Dietary Supplement Products

Federal Register

Agricultural Marketing Service

Proposed Rules

Revision of Three U.S. Grade Standards for Carrots

Filed on: 01/27/2020 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 01/28/2020

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Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning: Yellowfin/Ahi Tuna (November 2019) (January 24, 2020 Update)


DateBrandProduct DescriptionTypeReason/ProblemCompany
01/24/2020Quesos La RicuraCheeseFood & Beverages, Cheese/Cheese ProductMay be contaminated with Shiga toxin producing E. coliQuesos La Ricura



Product RecalledDate of RecallRetail Distribution List
004-2020 Golden Pearl Trading Corporation Recalls Ready to Eat Imported Siluriformes Products Produced Without Benefit of Import InspectionJan 24, 2020
003-2020 Amity Packing Company Inc. Recalls Raw Ground Beef Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter ContaminationJan 24, 2020N/A (Class II Recall)


Petition Submitted by Marler Clark LLP PS 

Constituent Updates

Jan 24, 2020 | PDF

  • FSIS Seeking Comments on Salmonella Petition
  • Reminder: FSIS Will Add the People’s Republic of China to Public Health Information System


China Export Certification not signed and issued by the FSIS PHV on or before February 21, 2020.

Submitting China Export Applications on or after January 27, 2020

China Export Certification for Export Applications Submitted prior to January 27, 2020


  • The #FDA has an unwavering commitment to food safety & protecting the public. That’s why we’re laser focused on prevention, further modernizing traceback & notification processes, and strengthening the safety of leafy greens. Together, we CAN and WILL do more.


  • Began our trip to Europe today in Belgium, with our first stop being a Belgian Blue livestock farm outside of Brussels. This very impressive family owned and operated facility produces these beautiful traditional animals.
  • European farmers face many of the same challenges American farmers do. I sat down w/ farmers from Belgium, France, Romania, Germany & the Netherlands to discuss these issues. One gentleman was a 31st generation farmer, his family has farmed the same land for 800 years!
  • Enjoyed meeting and dining with leaders of @COPACOGECA to discuss our shared vision for productive agriculture around the world.
  • I look forward to working with the new EU Commissioner for Agriculture @jwojc on ways the US and EU can continue to work together to feed our growing world population
  • Met with @PhilHoganEU, the EU Commissioner for Trade, on the critical EU-US trade relationship. We are confident we can reclaim our shared trade agenda as it will lead to more jobs and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • I reiterated to EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety @SKyriakidesEU that both the US and Europe must be open to safe agriculture innovation as the demand for food continues to grow.


  • The Nutrition Facts label makes it easier for you to make informed food choices, helping you to achieve your 2020 health goals. Here’s what to look for:



  • Tiny turtles may be cute, but they often carry Salmonella and can make you very sick. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling any reptile!
  • RT @CDC_NCEZID: OUTBREAK ALERT: 34 Salmonella illnesses in 9 states after contact with small pet turtles. Do not buy turtles <4 inches long—they are illegal to sell. Always wash your hands after touching any turtle or its environment. Learn more:

January 28, 2020 

Federal Register

Agriculture Department


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals

Filed on: 01/28/2020 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 01/29/2020

FR Document: 2020-01529 PDF 3 Pages (88.9 KB) Permalink


United Nations Declares 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health


USDA Reaches a Consent Decision and Civil Penalty with Sugarcreek Livestock Auction Inc. and Leroy H. Baker Jr., for P&S Act Violations

USDA Settles a Packers and Stockyards Case against H.D. Hume dba H&H Livestock

USDA Determines Individual Not Responsibly Connected to Florida Violator


  • Honored to officially open the @WUR Greenhouse 2030 project in #Bleiswijk with @minlnv Minister @carolaschouten. I was able to tour @WUR’s impressive facility and discuss the role agricultural innovation plays in both the US & the Netherlands to sustainably #FeedTheWorld.
  • This morning in the Netherlands I received a warm welcome from @minlnv Minister @carolaschouten and @WUR President @LouiseOFresco to Wageningen U&R Research Facility. We’re here to learn how this leading research university is supporting innovation for the Dutch greenhouse sector
  • Wrapped up the day celebrating the ag cooperation between the US & EU, specifically the increased market access for high quality US beef and the 25th anniversary of the US EU spirits agreement
  • There are @USDA employees all over the globe, working every day on behalf of America’s farmers and ranchers. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting our team in Brussels today – thank you for your service!
  • We have a lot more in common than we do different and that was the lead topic of my discussions this afternoon w/ Members of European Parliament’s @EUFoodForum. Together we can work to reduce food waste worldwide and increase sustainability in our food supply.


  • Health Educators: Kick off the new year with FDA’s Health Educator’s Nutrition Toolkit! Use this toolkit to teach your community how to make healthier food choices by using the Nutrition Facts label.


  • Do you use products like lipstick, nail polish or face cream in your daily routine? Remember to always practice good cosmetics safety! Wash your hands before using products, never share makeup & throw away cosmetics if color or smell changes. More here: