Laws and Regulations Committee Update 11/29 – 11/30, 2018

Federal Register

Agriculture Department


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals

Filed on: 11/29/2018 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 11/30/2018

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  • Relating to specimen submissions under the Animal Health Protection Act (AHPA)

Filed on: 11/29/2018 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 11/30/2018

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  • Relating to medical qualifications of applicants to FSIS Food Inspector, Consumer Safety Inspector, or Veterinary Medical Officer positions

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.:

Cattle Fever Tick Control Barrier in South Texas

Filed on: 11/29/2018 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 11/30/2018

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Environmental Protection Agency


Registration Review:

Draft Human Health and/or Ecological Risk Assessments for Several Pesticides; Availability

Filed on: 11/29/2018 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 11/30/2018

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FDA warns consumers to avoid Rhino male enhancement products found at retailers because of undeclared and potentially dangerous drug ingredients

FDA Adds Resources to Assist Food Facilities with This Year’s Biennial Registration Renewal

Salmonella Linked to Tahini


DateBrandProduct DescriptionReason/ProblemCompany
11/28/2018ANFLamb and Rice Dry Dog FoodElevated Levels of Vitamin DANF, Inc
11/28/2018Sprout Creek FarmKinkead raw cows’ milk cheeseListeria monocytogenesSprout Creek Farm, Inc.

Warning Letters

Letter Issue DateCompany NameIssuing OfficeSubjectClose Out Date
09/07/2018The Delano Company, Inc. dba LifeLinkLos Angeles District OfficeUnapproved New Drugs/MisbrandedNot Issued *


USDA Settles a Case with Enumclaw Sales Pavilion Inc., Resulting in a $1,600 Penalty

USDA Settles a Case with Flying N Cattle Exchange Resulting in a $3,500 Penalty


FY 2019 Technology Innovation Grants (TIG)

FY 2019 Administrative Review and Training Grants


NAD Recommends Eli Nutrition Discontinue Certain Challenged Claims for TummyZen Dietary Supplement; Advertiser to Appeal to NARB

NAD Recommends Dermatology Industry Discontinue Sun Protection Claims for the Companies’ Dietary Supplement Products

NAD Recommends Novahue LLC Discontinue Sun Protection Claims for the Companies’ Novahue Skin Dietary Supplement Product

National Academies

New IAP Report Urges Reliance on Science to Develop Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems

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  • Certain uses of science should be judged intolerable, and cause scientists to be cast out. The use of CRISPR to edit human embryos or germ line cells should fall into that bucket. Anything less puts the science and the entire scientific enterprise at risk. …
  • We’re warning to consumers not to buy various Rhino male enhancement products disguised as supplements due to hidden drug ingredients. These products are often found at convenience stores and online retailers and can be hazardous to patient health.
  • More than 25 products have been marketed with variations of the name Rhino. #FDA will continue to pursue regulatory and criminal actions against the producers and distributors of these products in an effort to protect consumer health.
  • #FDA updated its web page on the romaine linked E. coli outbreak to provide more specific information to consumers about the counties of concern in the Central Coast growing regions of northern and central CA 
  • #FDA has been conducting a traceback investigation, reviewing shipping records and invoices to trace the supply of romaine from the place where ill people were exposed to the place where that romaine was grown.
  • We have had boots on the ground collecting environmental, soil, and water samples for laboratory analysis to identify whether they contain E. coli since last week. Should positive samples be identified, we will update the public promptly.
  • Romaine harvested from locations outside of the CA regions identified in the investigation does not appear to be related to the current outbreak. Our advice for consumers remains and we will continue to update our investigation as we learn more.

Sprout Creek Farm Recalls “Kinkead” Cheese due to Possible Health Risk

November 30, 2018

Federal Register

Food and Nutrition Service


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:

Federal-State Supplemental Nutrition Programs Agreement

Filed on: 11/30/2018 at 8:45 am Scheduled Pub. Date: 12/03/2018

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  • Relating to WIC, FMNP and SNAP reporting burdens


FDA’s Global Efforts to Protect Patients and Consumers from Unsafe Products


DateBrandProduct DescriptionReason/ProblemCompany
11/29/2018Elm Pet FoodsPet FoodElevated levels of Vitamin DELM Pet Foods



Product RecalledDate of RecallRetail Distribution List
116-2018 165368 C. Corporation Recalls Pork Products Due to Possible Listeria Contamination | En EspañolNov 20, 2018Nov 30, 2018


AGENCY: USDA-AMSRIN: 0581-AD54Status: Concluded
TITLE: National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
RECEIVED DATE: 08/31/2018LEGAL DEADLINE: Statutory  
** COMPLETED: 11/29/2018COMPLETED ACTION: Consistent with Change
AGENCY: USDA-FNSRIN: 0584-AE53Status: Concluded
TITLE: Child Nutrition Programs: Flexibilities for Milk, Whole Grains, and Sodium Requirements
** COMPLETED: 11/29/2018COMPLETED ACTION: Consistent with Change


FTC Returns more than $750,000 to Consumers Who Bought Two Deceptively Marketed Supplements from Health Research Laboratories, LLC

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  • Gemini Food Corporation Conducts Voluntary Recall of Imperial Taste Fried Red Onions and Fried Garlic Due to Undeclared Wheat
  • ELM Pet Foods Recall of Dry Dog Food Due to Elevated Levels of Vitamin D
  • THREAD: Today, #FDA warned a company for selling nicotine-containing e-liquids that resemble kid-friendly foods, such as cereal, candy & peanut butter and jelly. The action is part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to protect kids from tobacco products:
  • We’re seeing too many cases of e-liquid packaging that resembles children’s food items. There’s no excuse for this sort of egregious marketing that can lead to accidental ingestion of nicotine by young kids. We’ll continue to target these products and companies that market them.
  • This new warning letter is part of series of actions over the past several months to address an epidemic growth in the use of e-cigarettes by children. Those include actions to target those who design products in ways that are clearly marketed to appeal to children.
  • #FDA will continue to implement new steps to ensure children aren’t started down a path to nicotine addiction. No child should be using any tobacco product. We’ll continue to hold industry accountable to ensure these products aren’t being marketed to, sold to or used by kids.
  • It’s time for a biennial registration renewal for @FDAfood regulated food manufacturers. What does that mean? Do you need to register? How should your firm go about renewing? Any time saving tips? All those answers & more here: .