Root Cause Analysis for Food Safety – December

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This event has ended

AFDO invites you to participate in a new virtual course titled Performing Root Cause Analysis during Food Safety Risk Assessment developed in collaboration with ASQ, a globally recognized provider of several certification programs, and retail food safety regulatory professionals. This course incorporates the concepts of root cause analysis for use in reducing the occurrence of risk factor violations and in the investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks. It is designed for the advanced food safety professional and will greatly enhance the skills needed to define the problem, collect data, determine the “why” and develop solutions.

 *ASQ is a globally recognized provider of several certification programs.

Identifying the root cause (why) of risk factor violations and foodborne illness outbreaks utilizes contributing factors (what/how) and environmental antecedents providing the “why” of the violation or outbreak. This course will help develop a methodical approach:

  • to determine the underlying reasons for how and why an outbreak/violation(s) occurred
  • provide tools for more effective problem solving
  • data collection tools and analyzation
  • interventions or corrective actions to prevent recurrence

Prior to attending this virtual course, it is recommended and beneficial for participants to have completed

Class size is limited to 20 participants

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) through NEHA will now be offered. Certificate of Attendance and the CEU form will be sent at the conclusion of the course.