Milk and shellfish project Ideas

The Milk and Shellfish Grant Program is designed to fund projects that assist programs in achieving and/or maintaining compliance with requirements and goals of the National Grade “A” Milk Safety Program and National Shellfish Sanitation Program. Specific examples by project Category are identified below.

Please note that only certain costs, including funding for specific courses and registration fees, are allowable under the Milk and Shellfish Grant Program. Laptops and/or tablets (iPads, Smart books) will be considered provided sufficient justification in the application explains how the devices are going to be used as tools to support the milk or shellfish programs. See the Program Rules, Terms, and Conditions section of the Grant Guidance for more detail.

Annual training needs grants (examples)

Training needs for National Grade “A” Milk Safety Programs, include:

• FD373, Laboratory Evaluation Officers
• FD577, Special Problems in Milk Protection
• Regional Milk Seminars
• FD372, Milk Plant Sanitation and Inspection
• FD374, Laboratory Examination of Dairy Products
• FD375, Dairy Farm Sanitation and Inspection
• Regional Seminars and Courses for Enforcement Personnel and Managers
• Dairy Equipment Review Committee Meetings

Training needs for National Shellfish Sanitation Programs, include:

• FD242, Sanitary Surveys of Shellfish Growing Areas
• FD246, Shellfish Program Laboratory Methods and Evaluation Procedures Course
• Seafood HACCP Alliance Training
• Regional Meetings and Seminars
• PARLEOM/NELEOM Methodology and Policy Meetings
• CER Shellfish Program Management Meetings
• GIS Courses
• Emergency Response Courses
• Participation in a Dye Study
• Shellfish-Related Training Courses

Equipment grants (examples)

Equipment needs for the National Grade “A” Milk Safety Programs, include:

• Digital printers
• LED lights and flashlights
• GPS devices
• Immersion circulators and heaters
• Pipettes, probes, saline injectors, and other lab equipment
• Additional needs identified by a program

Equipment needs for the National Shellfish Sanitation Programs, include:

• Night vision binoculars
• Portable projector / screens
• Marine waterways equipment, including GPS and sonar
• Boat parts
• Infrared thermometers
• Digital cameras
• Lab supplies and equipment
• Handheld conductivity instruments
• Mobile printers
• Dataloggers
• Range finders
• Specific use field computers
• Additional needs identified by a program

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