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Project Ideas

Project Ideas and Help - Calendar Year 2017

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) are proud to announce Year 4 (CY17) of the AFDO-administered Retail Program Standards Grant Program.   The program provides funds for the completion of projects and training to enhance conformance with the Retail Program Standards.

Approximately $2 Million in funding is available for this granting year, and we expect to make 350 or more awards during this round of project funding.

To provide some context for past awards, and to help with some project ideas for certain categories, below is a comprehensive list of grants that were funded over the past three years.  

Category 1 – Small Projects

     Small Projects up to $3,000, for jurisdictions to complete: a self-assessment of all nine Standards, small projects related to meeting one or more Standards, a verification audit or audits, or custom projects that increase conformance with the standards.    

Click here to view the table of previously-funded Category 1 projects

Category 2 – Moderate Projects

     Moderate Projects, $10,000-$20,000, for more ambitious projects that further conformance with the Retail Program Standards (computer software systems, risk factor studies, development of a written compliance program, training events, etc.).   

Click here to view the table of previously-funded Category 2 projects

Category 3 – Training

    Training up to $3,000, for jurisdiction staff to meet the requirements of Standard 2 (Step 1 & 3 Curriculum or CEU maintenance) or to attend FDA Regional Seminars to maintain FDA Standardization.  Below are some examples of previously-funded projects: 

FDA Trainings

• ER325 Foodborne Illness Investigation

• FD108 Temporary Food Establishments

• FD112 Food Code

• FD152 Food Core III – Food Processing and Technology

• FD170 Application of Basics of Inspection/Investigation Course

• FD180 Food Good Manufacturing Practice, Application, and Evidence Development

• FD202 Conducting Acidified Food Inspections

• FD204 Temporary Food Establishments

• FD207 Plan Review for Food Establishment

• FD215 Managing Retail Food Safety Course

• FD218 Risk-Based Inspection Methods at Retail Course

• FD312 Special Processes at Retail

• FD450 Retail Food Programs Standard Workshop

FDA Seminars

• FDA Annual Southeast Regional Seminar

• FDA Central Regional Seminar

• FDA Denver District Standardization Meeting

• FDA Pacific Regional Seminar

• FDA Southwest Regional Seminar

Food Organization Seminars or Other Trainings

• 2015 IEHA South Chapter Annual Educational Conference

• Advanced HACCP Verification and Validation

• AFDO Educational Conference

• Better Process Control Schools, UC Davis

• CASA Annual Educational & Training Seminar

• CEHA Annual Education Conference

• Consumer Food Safety Education Conference

• Development and Implementation of a HACCP Plan

• DIA Hands On HACCP Workshop

• Distressed Foods and Emergency Response Courses

• Food and Dairy Annual Training Conference

• HACCP Plan Development and Implementation

• International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting

• Managing Food Safety

• National Association of County & City Officials Preparedness Summit

• NEHA - Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS)

• NEHA Annual Educational Conference

• NSF HACCP Training

• ORAU Training

• Principles of Epidemiology

• S3 Food Symposium

• Seafood Sanitation & Safety

• Self-Assessment Audit Training

• SURE HACCP Food Safety Certification for Regulators

• The Conference for Food Protection

• Transforming Your Program Standards Self-Assessment Results into a Tangible Action Plan

• UEHA Backflow Training

• Verification, Validation and Auditing a HACCP and Food Safety System

• WAFDO Annual Educational Conference

State or Local-Level Trainings or Seminars

• California Environmental Health Association Annual Education Symposium

• Colorado Environmental Health Association Annual Education Conference

• Denver District Office: Standards Workshop

• Environmental Health Symposium (Wilkes County, NC)

• Field Training

• Idaho Environmental Health Association Annual Education Conference

• Illinois Food Safety Symposium

• MA Public Health Inspector Training Food Certificate Program

• Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MO DHSS) Introduction to Food Safety and

• Missouri Environmental Health Professional Certification Exam

• Missouri Milk Food Environmental Health Association Annual Educational Conference

• Montana Environmental Health Association Annual Education Conference

• Montana FCSS Spring Conference

• Montana Public Health Summer Institute: Montana's adoption of the 2013 FDA Food Code

• North Carolina Variance Training

• Ohio Environmental Health Association Annual Education Conference

• Paster Training Customized Plan Review Seminar

• Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Standardization Training

• Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference

• Texas Environmental Health Association AEC

• Texas Food Establishment Rules Training

• Yankee Conference on Environmental Health

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