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Daniel Coto
EHA Consulting Group, Inc.
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(800) 969-1441
(410) 484-9515
3471 North Federal Highway, Suite 511, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306
High Acid Foods, Acidified Foods, Meat (Raw), Meat (Ready-to-Eat), Dried/Dehydrated Foods, Fermented Foods
Thermal Processing, Acidification, Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Drying/Curing, HACCP, Fermentation, Pickling
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Brian Farina
Deibel Laboratories
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(352) 271-4320
1315-A NW 53rd Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32609
Juice, Meat (Raw), Baked Goods, Beverages (non-juice / non-dairy), Eggs, Fruit or Vegetable Based Products, Cereal/Grains, Canned Foods (Acidified), Acidified Foods, Dried/Dehydrated Foods, Low Moisture Foods, Prepared Foods, Pickled Products, Condiments, Jam/Jelly, Nuts, Pet Foods, Vinegars, Refrigerated Foods, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Syrups, Spices, Produce, Fermented Foods, High Acid Foods, Soup/Soup Broth, Confectionary, Peanuts, Dairy (Milk & Milk Products)
Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Sterilization, HACCP, Post-lethality treatments, Shelf-Life Studies, Shelf Life of Refrigerated Foods, Thermal Processing, Cooling, Acidification, Challenge Studies, Non-thermal Food Processing, Pickling, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Pasteurization
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Peter Taormina PhD
Etna Consulting Group
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(833) 438-3862
6111 Gazebo Park Place North, Suite 218, Jacksonville, Florida 32257
Seafood, Sauces, Beverages (non-juice / non-dairy), Fermented Foods, Nuts, Low Moisture Foods, Meat (Raw), Acidified Foods, Dried/Dehydrated Foods, Canned Foods (Acidified), Condiments, Baked Goods, Cereal/Grains, Dietary Supplements, High Acid Foods, Jam/Jelly, Dairy (Milk & Milk Products), Spices, Syrups, Meat (Ready-to-Eat), Eggs, Fruit or Vegetable Based Products, Honey, Juice, Prepared Foods, Produce, Pickled Products, Salad Dressings, Vinegars, Peanuts, Pet Foods, Refrigerated Foods, Soup/Soup Broth, Confectionary, Beverages (Fermented), Shellfish, Low Sugar Jams/Jellies, Frozen Foods, Smoked Food, Low Moisture Foods, Fresh Foods, Meat (Processed), Talow/Oils, Nut Butters/Fruit Butters
Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Shelf Life of Refrigerated Foods, Pickling, HACCP, Filtration, Challenge Studies, Smoking, Aseptic Packaging, Acidification, Cooling, Thermal Processing, Drying/Curing, High Pressure Processing, Post-lethality treatments, Sterilization, Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Fermentation, Non-thermal Food Processing, Low-Temperature Processing, Dehydration, Pasteurization, Sous Vide
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