Joseph Corby Achievement Award

The Joseph Corby Achievement Award will be given for one or more specific achievements, or for a documented sustained high level of performance. The scope of what counts as an “achievement” is very wide. A few examples of achievements that would be considered are: developing evidence in a difficult case that results in an indictment, conviction, or administration action; bringing about a measurable improvement in general conditions, e.g., raising test scores on dairy farms or average scores in a group of food establishments; teaching courses that result in more food manager certifications; removing dangerous consumer products from the marketplace; or developing new techniques such as more effective use of computers.

To be eligible for the award, one must be in his or her first ten years of service as a sanitarian, inspector, investigator, milk specialist, food specialist, radiological health inspector, consumer product safety inspector, laboratory analyst or similar regulatory position. He or she must be a field person; that is, one who goes out of the office to make inspections a significant portion of his or her working time. The winner may not be a supervisor unless the work for which he or she were nominated was done as a field person and it played a role in the promotion to supervisor. The winner must be employed by a federal, state, county, or municipal regulatory agency, which has at least one employee as a member of AFDO.

The winner will be presented with a framed certificate of achievement and have a choice of receiving a check for $500.00 or full conference funding.  The conference funding includes registration and all travel expenses.  Attendance is not mandatory for receiving the award. 

All applications and nominations must be submitted to the appropriate committee by April 1 of the award year.