WSDA’s RR&EM Looks Back On Successes During Pandemic

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The past year plus has been challenging for the entire Northwest, the entire world, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to help keep the farm economy moving, and provided needed food and assistance, the Washington State Department of Agriculture stepped in to roles throughout 2020 many were not use to seeing. And that work was thanks to the WSDA’s Rapid Response & Emergency Management Program.

Program Manager Randy Treadwell said there’s no denying 2020 was a challenging year personally and professionally, the work his team was able to accomplish to help those in need provided moments of encouragement.

“Being able to work with these dedicated professionals has been a silver lining for us.  Working with many, many others to coordinate for example National Guard placements in food banks across the state, assisting with face covering and hand sanitizer distribution to farm workers and food processors through the state.” Read the full article…..