March 3, 2021


Dr. Laura Brown, Team Lead, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC;
Nicole Hedeen, Senior Epidemiologist, Minnesota Department of Health;
Danny Ripley, Environmental Health Specialist, Tennessee Department of Health;
Lauren DiPrete, Senior Environmental Health Specialist, Southern Nevada Health District;
Laura Wildey, Senior Program Analyst, Food Safety, National Environmental Health Association.


AFDO offered this free session to learn more about the program and to apply for funding through NEHA’s Explorer Program. During this 60-minute webinar, a group of panelists with extensive experience with NEARS will discuss:

  • The purpose of NEARS  
  • Its benefits in improving foodborne illness outbreak investigations
  • Data collected from NEARS used to evaluate and improve your food safety program
  • Take follow-up actions to prevent future outbreaks
  • Develop or modify policies or regulations
  • Meet FDA Voluntary Retail Program Standard 5