June 18, 2020


Tara Paster, Paster Training; Traci Michelson, Brinker International; Bill Hallman, Ph.D, Rutgers University; and Don Schaffner, Ph.D, Rutgers University


We are all working together to adapt to the "new normal" as we continue to work through the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic and these unprecedented times. This series is designed to develop best practices; as well as, to provide guidance for food delivery success!

360 Approach To Food Delivery

First of 5: AFDO Professional Series

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Scientists, Educators, Operators, and Regulators provide a 360 Approach to Food Delivery throughout the United States. This is a solution driven series that explores the advantages, disadvantages, hurdles, and results experienced by a variety of food sectors and how our food safety community is managing the growing segment of food deliveries including:

  • identifying hazards and risks;
  • controlling food safety and food defense;
  • avoiding allergen cross contact;
  • preventing food delivery cross contamination;
  • documenting food delivery time and temperature;
  • following safety instructions for contactless delivery;
  • regulating;
  • investigating food delivery foodborne illness outbreaks;
  • using apps for food deliveries;
  • technology and innovation for delivery methods
  • understanding the customer’s experience; and
  • setting standards.