The safety operations platform for inspections, reporting, and registrations.

SAFHER (System for Agriculture, Food, Health, E-Inspections, and Registration) — represents the opportunity to plan for a future enterprise configurability platform replacement for the USAFoodSafety and USAPlants systems.


Electronic Inspections
Account and Product Registration
Revenue Management
Field Management
Modern Workflows
External Integrations
Dashboard Reporting
Foremost Security


AFDO is the recipient of an award by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Building an Integrated Information Technology Infrastructure for State Regulatory Programs cooperative agreement, RFA-FD-22-021. AFDO will receive funding over three years to support the development, implementation, and maintenance of a regulatory data management system that will be utilized by our state, local, tribal, and territorial partners (SLTT partners) responsible for the safety of human and animal foods.  This funding supports the development of SAFHER System for Agriculture, Food, Health, E-Inspections, and Registration

This cooperative agreement will allow the FDA and regulatory partners to work together in new ways by leveraging technology to share one another’s work, data, and actions.  Robust and interconnected regulatory data management systems will advance our partnerships to ensure the optimal use of resources and maximize our food safety reach. 

More information can be found at this FDA announcement↗.

Visit the SAFHER website to learn more about how SAFHER can support your organization.