Safe Practices for Sausage Production

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The Safe Practices for Sausage Production Manual is designed to supplement the information presented within the course, and provide you with a lasting reference that you can review at a later date.

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This manual is one component of a USDA FSIS tele-course on the safety issues associated with the production of sausage products.

Throughout this manual, we will cover a range of issues related to sausage production, including;

  • the sausage production process,
  • safety and sanitation issues at each stage of the process, and –
  • pathogens of concern to sausage makers.

This program is intended to provide the retail food inspector some insight into the processes used by food processors to produce the many products distributed for retail sale. Today, however, many grocery stores, meat markets, and other retail food establishments are producing their own sausage products. Many of the principles that apply to large food processors also apply to retail operations. Therefore, our primary purpose is to provide some background information to the retail inspector who encounters these sausage processes. This course will review the sausage production process, identify critical food safety areas within the process, and review the procedures that should be followed to ensure that only safe products are produced. We have attempted to target the information presented to the retail inspector.