AFDO The First Hundred Years

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AFDO The First Hundred Year is a commemorative history of the Association of food and drug officials from 1896 to 1996.

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In 1996, well known food law attorney and avid AFDO member George M. Burditt compiled a commemorative history of AFDO in his book entitled “AFDO The First Hundred Years.”  In the conclusion of his book, Mr. Burditt states the following:

“The benefits of the Association to society are incalculable. Uniformity – a key word from the very beginning in 1897, and now the first word in AFDO’s slogan – is the crowning achievement. Exchange of scientific information, sharing of compliance policies, procedures and problems, and helping one another to keep current in a constantly advancing field of knowledge are among the themes so apparent to a student of the history of the Association.

The second operative word in the Association’s slogan is Cooperation. For the first few years of the Association’s history, it was cooperation among state officials only. Then cooperation with the federal government was added. And finally, cooperation with industry became an integral part of the Association’s program. Cooperation is not only in the Association’s slogan but is at the very heart of the organization.”