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FSPCA Food Defense Awareness for the Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule

Do you know those who are required to take training to meet the food defense awareness training requirement within the IA Rule? This “Food Defense Awareness for the Intentional Adulteration Rule” course will meet those requirements. NOTE! The training requirement in the IA rule is flexible, and individuals may choose this training or a similar food defense awareness training to satisfy the requirement.

Who should take the course?

Covered facilities that need to develop and implement a food defense plan that protects the facility’s most vulnerable points from acts of intentional adulteration intended to cause wide scale public health harm. Individuals assigned to work at actionable process steps, and their supervisors are required to receive training in food defense awareness.

Delivery Format: Online course

Estimated Seat Time: 20-30 minutes. There is a 4-hour inactivity time-out, so once started, complete the entire course.

Certificate: An FSPCA Certificate of Completion is issued at the end of the course that must printed off immediately. The certificate may also be saved by right clicking the certificate and saving it as an image. This is the only time the certificate is available (no record is retained). If a replacement certificate is needed, the course will need to be completed again.

Cost: Free


Visit the FSPCA website and download the FSPCA Food Defense Awareness Course Information Packet with complete details about the course, instructions to access to the course and how to print/save the FSPCA Certificate(s) of Completion.

If you need technical assistance completing the course or printing your certificate, please contact our LMS administration team at or by phone at (269) 488-3258.

If you have a scientific/technical question, contact the FSPCA Technical Assistance Network.

For questions related to the FSMA rules, FSMA programs, and implementation strategies, please submit your questions electronically to FDA’s FSMA Technical Assistance Network at:


The information provided by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) is for training purposes only. The FSPCA is not yourattorney and cannot provide you with legal advice. The FSPCA curriculum is intended as a training tool to assist companies in complying with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) intentional adulteration regulation; however, following this curriculum does not ensure compliance with the law or FDA’s regulations. For advice regarding the legal compliance with FSMA, please consult your legal counsel.

The information provided by the FSPCA will vary in applicability to each food manufacturer. It is not possible for the FSPCA training curriculum to address every situation. Companies should implement practices and programs that are appropriate to their individual operations. FSPCA materials do not outline the only approach to developing and implementing a Food Defense Plan. Companies can follow any approach that satisfies the requirements of the applicable statutes and regulations related to FSMA. The information provided by FSPCA does not create binding obligations for the Food and Drug Administration or industry.

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