AFDO Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement Award

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) is an international, nonprofit organization whose members are concerned with the development and enforcement of uniform food, drug and other consumer protection laws. Through its committees and the efforts of its Regular and Associate members, AFDO supports legislation, develops and circulates “model codes,” publishes information circulars and generally works to aid in the overall implementation of sound and effective consumer protection and regulation.

In 2017, AFDO established a non-traditional continuing education tuition reimbursement fund to be awarded annually to worthy officials who are currently employed at a state, local, tribal, or territorial government agency who are continuing their college education to benefit the food and/or drug safety arena. Each award amount is not to exceed $1500 and is not renewable.

All applications must be received by April 15  of the current year to be considered for the current year’s award.

If you have any questions, please send us a message or call the AFDO Office at 717-757- 2888.

Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement Application

  • 1. Applicant Contact Information

    All applications must be received by April 15 of the current year to be considered for the current year’s award.
  • 2. Applicant Employer Information

  • 3. Applicant Education Information

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  • 7. Essay

  • 8. Letter of Recommendation (Supervisor)

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