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The secure collaboration platform for food safety and public health organizations.

FoodSHIELD is a web-based system that facilitates effective communication, collaboration, education, and training among the nation’s food safety and public health professionals. Through custom workgroups and portals, this secure platform facilitates a multi-partner working environment bridging organizations that might not otherwise be able to easily collaborate in an IT environment. 

FoodSHIELD – A flexible solution to address the collaborative goals of an integrated food safety system.

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Customizable Work Groups

Document Collaboration

Secure Virtual Meetings

Customizable Surveys

Forums & Messaging

Secure File Send

Webinar Hosting

No Cost & Widely Adopted

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Go to to sign up. Contact AFDO’s Randy Treadwell at with any questions or to request a demo.

About FoodSHIELD

The FDA FoodSHIELD cooperative agreement was transferred to AFDO in September 2021. FoodSHIELD is one of the integrated food safety system (IFSS) information sharing environments on the larger CoreSHIELD platform.
The AFDO team has been actively engaged with Datastream Connexion, which originally built and continues to maintain FoodSHIELD and all of its capabilities. Activities include establishing a Joint Advisory Group and Technology Advisory Committee to assist in guiding future FoodSHIELD development activities to meet current and future needs. AFDO and Datastream Connexion continue to meet with primary federal, state, and local stakeholders who lead the various IFSS projects to ensure that their information sharing and collaboration needs are being met.
Tools such as multi-user document editing, free PDF editing, large conference/webinar hosting, and group polling are resources that some may not know are available in FoodSHIELD. All of the platform’s tools could represent cost savings to agencies, since they would no longer need to pay for costly external products or services.
The cooperative agreement supports many specific IFSS information sharing environments, including:

Each of these environments has its own branding, specific web address, logo, and tools that are supported on the larger CoreSHIELD platform. The platform will continue to support major FDA initiatives including secure information sharing, effective training, enhanced collaboration, developing effective surveillance and prevention programs, implementing FSMA regulations, and quickly responding to human and animal food emergencies. The FoodSHIELD project goals remain the same: