Inspector Boot Camp: Manufactured Food Track

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About Inspector Boot Camp: Manufactured Food Track

This 4-hour session covers both power and technical skills, using interactive strategies with participants. Technical skills are split into training days specifically for retail-level inspectors (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) and a separate day for manufactured-level inspectors (food processing facilities). AFDO’s goal in this training is to help state and local regulators gain free access to valuable training early in their food safety careers to build knowledge and experience.

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Effective Inspection Interviews

Third-Party Audits

Third-Party Audits and the Regulatory Inspection

AFDO Recall Presentation

Prerequisite & Food Safety Programs

Prerequisite & Food Safety Programs for Beverage Facilities

Prerequisite & Food Safety Programs for Food Distribution Centers

FDA Presentation

Structure of Observations

Video Recording of this training session (for attendees only)

NOTE: If you were an attendee of the training and have not received the password to access the video recording, please contact Autumn for access at

What You’ll Learn

  • De-escalating conflict
  • Diversity
  • Pest control systems
  • Risk-based approaches to inspections
  • Preventive Controls for Human Foods Inspections
  • Documentation skills within inspection writing
  • Interviewing techniques and report writing

Who Should Attend

Manufactured food inspectors with less than two years of on-the-job experience.

Please note: All attendees will earn CEU credits during live discussions!