Produce Safety Committee

About the committee

This committee focuses on issues related specifically to produce and assists AFDO with developing produce related resources.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Construct a 90-minute committee virtual session to be held in May 2024.  Submit final agenda no later than April 1, 2024.

Charge 2

Appoint an individual to serve as the AFDO Representative to the Produce Safety Alliance Executive Committee and offer assistance as needed.

Charge 3

Incorporate and work with the Healthy People 2030 workgroups.  Nominate a state member to each of the three produce sub-workgroups.

Charge 4

Request and collaborate with NECAFS and PSA on fact sheet for controlled environment agriculture.  Resource guide and primer for states.

Charge 5

Work with FDA and AFDO staff to create a state specific FDA contact directory like the DSLO.  Would like to see produce include PSN, sprout cadre, ERCs, CORE, Rapid Response Coordinator, district contacts, and state liaisons.

Charge 6

Create a produce specific webinar to increase awareness of the current produce safety regulatory programs and approaches designed for non-produce regulators based on the memberships interest and needs of the committee members.

2023 Produce Safety Committee Meeting May, 2023