Produce Safety Committee

About the committee

This committee focuses on issues related specifically to produce and assists AFDO with developing produce related resources.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Construct a 2-hour committee session during the allotted committee time spot with a final agenda for submission no later than March 1, 2022.

Charge 2

Appoint an individual to serve as the AFDO Representative to the Produce Safety Alliance Executive Committee and offer assistance as needed.

Charge 3

Work with CDC and FDA to host a webinar on common food safety challenges and solutions with leafy greens.

Charge 4

Hold a webinar using agenda topic from the Produce committee breakout session to include produce farm inspection findings and consistency with the PSR

Charge 5

Create a document that highlights commonalities and differences between the PSR, USDA harmonized GAPS, and Primus audits for industry and states.

Charge 6

Create a document or guidance regarding PSR and approved source as related to the FDA Retail Food Code.

Charge 7

Hold a webinar with FDA to present on Cyclospora for Regulators

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