Foodborne Outbreak & Emergency Response Committee

About the committee

A forum for discussion on foodborne outbreak and emergency response issues, and to coordinate Health officials member activities, as well as find a proactive role for the committee on CIFOR, NoroCORE, and other food illness response efforts.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

 Track efforts of NoroCORE, CIFOR, InFORM, FoodNet, Centers for Excellence, and EHS-Net and report these efforts to the AFDO Board.  Send topics of interest to AFDO members to the AFDO staff for inclusion in eNews.

Charge 2

Create one-page documents for pathogen-specific guidance to be used during foodborne illness investigations and/or major multistate outbreaks.

Charge 3

Plan and broadcast a webinar on HAV that could be posted on AFDO’s website.