Food Recovery Committee

About the committee

The AFDO Food Recovery Committee unites government regulators, industry officials, and other interested individuals to provide a forum to discuss and identify strategies that can be taken to prevent and divert wasted food.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Explore existing guidelines on little free pantries and/or community fridges.

Charge 2

Analyze the need for food safety rules and regulations specific to donated food and to consider if such regulations should be added to the FDA Food Code.

Charge 3

Research the issue of date labeling as a barrier to food donation, track legislative activities related to date labeling of food, and identify potential solutions to this barrier.

Charge 4

Begin discussion between charitable organizations and the regulatory arena to identify areas where Class III type (labeling concerns) recalls and product withdrawals could be relabeled by hunger-relief organizations for eventual distribution to people in need. 

Charge 5

Create an explanatory document for charitable organizations and the regulatory arena including federal regulatory guidance regarding this practice.

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