Food Protection & Defense Committee

About the committee

A forum for discussion on food security issues, and to coordinate member food security activities, as well as find a proactive role for the committee in protecting the food and agricultural sector critical infrastructure.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Monitor Food & Agriculture Sector activities at DHS and of the Government Coordinating Council/Sector Coordinating Council (GCC/SCC) and report any items impacting AFDO members to the Board as encountered. Provide an update of the GCC/SCC meeting to the AFDO office to be published in the AFDO eNews letter.

Charge 2

Develop a webinar for Food Defense issues

Charge 3

Connect and collaborate with the Coalition of Food Protection Task Forces to share food protection and defense resources.

Charge 4

Review and make revisions as needed on the recently updated Food Emergency Guide for Regulators.

Charge 5

Assist FDA and others to provide FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule outreach and determine state resource needs.

Charge 6

Develop a webinar for International Food Defense Issues.

Charge 7

Review FDA Food Code Food Defense documents and other related materials with a multidisciplinary working group of retail subject matter experts.

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