Cannabis Committee

About the committee

A forum for discussion of issues associated with cannabis products and the associated activities of state regulatory agencies who deal with these products.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Reach out and communicate with other organizations such as AAFCO, AOAC, NEHA, etc., that AFDO now has a cannabis committee and seek opportunities for collaboration and information sharing.

Charge 2

Monitor research released about these areas, catalog and disseminate.

Charge 3

Assemble guidance for regulators about the potential for cannabis diversion, including:
a. Identifying the most common steps in the cannabis growing/processing cycles that diversion occurs;
b. Determine ways for regulators to spot diversion and investigate cases;
c. Measures that can help prevent the diversion of cannabis.

Charge 4

Determine the average yield of different cannabis extraction methods, in order to establish what “normal”
yields would be and prevent diversion.

Charge 5

Create guidance for regulators on cannabis business auditing procedures, including:
a. Standard operating procedure (SOP) review and approval process;
b. Inspections;
c. Track and trace software audits.

Charge 6

Collaborate with the Laboratory, Science & Technology Committee to create a standardized protocol for
homogeneity and stability studies required to be performed on all new cannabis products by state-regulated cannabis
businesses to ensure the safety, consistency, and stability of therapeutic compounds in these products.

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