Cannabis Committee

About the committee

A forum for discussion of issues associated with cannabis products and the associated activities of state regulatory agencies who deal with these products.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1 Outreach

Reach out and communicate with other organizations such as AAFCO, AOAC, NEHA, and CANN-RA, etc., that AFDO now has a cannabis committee and seek opportunities for collaboration and information sharing.

Charge 2 Monitor Research

Monitor newly released cannabis research, catalog and disseminate.

Charge 3 – Regulatory Guidance Requests

Develop a list of desired regulatory resources (such as previous charges 3, 4, 5) to be housed on the AFDO website where AFDO, members, regulators and others can add to the list of desired resources at any time.  The list will be used to direct cannabis committee work, annual educational programing, and webinar content.


  • Determine place on AFDO website to house this list
  • Draft beginning of list and post to website so people have an idea of what we are looking for
  • Ask Cannabis committee members to add to the list
  • Announce list on AFDO E News and Social Media
  • Work with committee to determine priorities and next steps

Charge 4 – Defining Cannabis Products

Develop standardized definitions (standards of identify) around the four pathways for cannabis products as defined in the Federal Regulatory Framework.

  • Therapeutics
    • Flower, smokables, and ingestible
  • Psychotropics
    • Flower, smokables, and ingestible
  • Food/Beverage
  • Industrial Products

Charge 5

Begin the development of instructions for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for ground cannabis as combustible dust.

  • PPE, Chemical Safety, Combustible Dust SDS for coffee and others as appropriate
  • Reach out to animal feed folks about combustible dust policies and SOPs, Fire Department
  • Potentially use existing template from OSHA and create a guidance document within the template

Charge 6 – Regulatory Education Development

Utilize information gathered through the Regulatory Guidance Requests (Charge 3) to develop a list of topics for training regulators on cannabis business auditing procedures, including:

  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) review and approval process
  • Inspections
  • Remediation Plans
  • Potential Diversion

Charge 7 – Transition Period

Develop a list of considerations, steps, and a timeline for the transition from state legal cannabis programs to federally legal cannabis.

  • From illicit to legal
  • From state to legal
  • Successes/Failures
  • Socioeconomic impacts
  • Money flow
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