Body Art Committee

About the committee

The AFDO Body Art Committee will identify current issues in body art material manufacturing, labeling and use. Through a process of collaboration, discussion and sharing the Body Art Committee will create documents that are useful to regulated industries, regulatory agencies and academic institutions, worldwide

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Develop agenda for the Body Art Committee track at the AFDO Annual Educational Conference.

Charge 2

When necessary, add information to the web-based portal related to body art safety, regulations, and other issues of importance to the body art community. 

Charge 3

Complete Color Additive Petition for Titanium Dioxide to be used in Intradermal Tattooing.

Charge 4

Support the BAEA in creation of training materials for the body art industry and creation of other documents as needed.

Charge 5

Tattoo Ink and PMU Sterilization Standard of Best Practices. How to Determine When Your Ink is Safe

Charge 6

Color Additive Petition for Carbon Black to be used in Intradermal Tattooing.

Charge 7

Develop basic guidance for consumers considering a Body Art procedure.

Charge 8

Create a “How to Determine When Your Ink is Safe” document.

Charge 9

Create a HACCP document for Ink Manufacturers

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