Alumni Committee

About the committee

The AFDO Alumni Committee is a network of former food and medical products safety officials connecting and supporting AFDO and the public health community. AFDO Alumni Committee members provide expertise and experience sharing to AFDO members and other AFDO Committees.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Work with AFDO staff to identify and mentor new AFDO members. Create an active mentor guide sheet to use for mentors.

Charge 2

Support the various Committees through active participation as “role models.”

Charge 3

Develop a special “AFDO Archive” by reviewing existing historical documents and personal experiences of alumni members. There is much we can each recall from our “AFDO” experiences.

Charge 4

Work to integrate FDA alumni group into the AFDO Alumni Committee.

Charge 5

Work with AFDO Office regarding inviting recent retirees to continue actively participating in AFDO.