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AFDO Newsletter



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6/15/20AFDO Enews
6/8/20AFDO Enews
6/1/20AFDO Enews
5/26/20AFDO Enews
5/18/20AFDO Enews
5/11/20AFDO Enews
5/4/20AFDO Enews
4/27/20AFDO Enews
4/20/20AFDO Enews
4/13/20AFDO Enews
4/6/20AFDO Enews
3/30/20AFDO Enews
3/23/20AFDO Enews
3/16/20AFDO Enews
3/9/20AFDO Enews
3/2/20AFDO Enews
 2/24/20AFDO Enews
 2/18/20AFDO Enews
 2/10/20AFDO Enews
2/3/20AFDO Enews
1/27/20AFDO Enews
1/21/20AFDO Enews
1/13/20AFDO Enews
1/6/20 AFDO Enews



Date Subject                                                                                                                                   
12/23/19AFDO Enews
12/16/19AFDO Enews
12/9/19AFDO Enews
11/25/19AFDO Enews
11/18/19AFDO Enews
11/12/19AFDO Enews
11/4/19AFDO Enews
10/28/19AFDO Enews 
10/21/19AFDO Enews
10/14/19AFDO Enews 
10/7/19AFDO Enews
9/30/19AFDO Enews
9/23/19AFDO Enews
9/16/19AFDO Enews 
9/9/19AFDO Enews
9/3/19AFDO Enews 
8/26/19AFDO Enews
8/19/19AFDO Enews
8/12/19AFDO Enews 
8/5/19AFDO Enews
7/29/19AFDO Enews
7/22/19AFDO Enews
7/15/19AFDO Enews
7/8/19AFDO Enews
7/1/19AFDO Enews
6/24/19AFDO Enews
6/17/19AFDO Enews
6/10/19AFDO Enews
6/3/19AFDO Enews
5/27/19AFDO Enews
5/20/19AFDO Enews
5/13/19AFDO Enews
5/6/19AFDO Enews
4/29/19AFDO Enews
4/22/19AFDO Enews
4/15/19AFDO Enews
4/8/19AFDO Enews
4/1/19AFDO Enews
3/25/19AFDO Enews
3/18/19AFDO Enews
3/11/19AFDO Enews
3/4/19AFDO Enews
2/25/19AFDO Enews
2/18/19AFDO Enews
2/11/19AFDO Enews 
2/4/19AFDO Enews
1/28/19AFDO Enews
1/21/19AFDO Enews
1/14/19AFDO Enews 
1/7/19 AFDO Enews



Date Subject                                                                                                                                   
12/31/18AFDO Enews
12/24/18 AFDO Enews
12/17/18 AFDO Enews
12/10/18AFDO Enews 
12/3/18AFDO Enews
11/26/18AFDO Enews
11/19/18AFDO Enews
11/13/18AFDO Enews
11/5/18AFDO Enews
10/29/18AFDO Enews
10/22/18AFDO Enews 
10/15/18AFDO Enews
10/8/17AFDO Enew
10/1/17AFDO Enews
9/24/18AFDO Enews 
9/17/18AFDO Enews 
9/10/18AFDO Enews 
9/4/18AFDO Enews 
8/27/18AFDO Enews 
8/20/18AFDO Enews 
8/13/18AFDO enews
8/6/18AFDO enews
7/30/18AFDO enews
7/23/18AFDO enews
7/16/18AFDO enews
7/9/18AFDO enews 
7/2/18AFDO enews
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