Rapid Cannabis Cultivar Identification and Purity Verification


How do you identify cannabis strains and ensure they are not adulterated with other strains, plant species or synthetic canadinoids? Cannabis strains are not defined scientifically, nor have they been characterized and classified using scientifically validated methods. This presents a challenge for distributors, manufactures and retailers who seek to develop a system for measuring quality assurance and control for consistent brands with Cannabis ingredients. The risk of brand damage is considerable if you do not know how to characterize your ingredient. One solution involves the use of Omic’s based molecular biotechnology that enables a standard operating protocol to verify product identity throughout the supply chain to ensure all stakeholders that products are authentic. Genomic and chemical fingerprints can be used to register cannabis cultivars. These molecular fingerprints provide retailers with criteria to measure reduced health risk while providing a chemical profile that is associated with strain traits. Consumers will be able to access evidenced-based tests that alleviate health safety concerns while providing confidence in the authentic, consistent brands they seek for a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Steven Newmaster, Professor, botany & genomics at the University of Guelph


May 19, 2020

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