Retail Food Committee

About the committee

This committee exists to assist the AFDO membership in fully including the retail food sector into the National Integrated Food Safety System by: serving as a forum to explore emerging food protection issues that impact the retail food sector; serving as a venue to exchange ideas about policies and opinions that impact the retail food sector; and serving as a central location to share resources to assist with integration activities. The committee serves AFDO by drafting positions, providing technical assistance to the other AFDO Committees, advising membership of current retail food issues, and representing AFDO at selected meetings.

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Committee Charges

Charge 1

Maintain contact with CFP committees and identify opportunities for collaboration. Regularly request and maintain a listing of CFP committees and their members.

Charge 2

Provide support to AFDO and other retail associations work through the Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative.

Charge 3

Construct a 2-hour committee session during the allotted committee time spot with a final agenda for submission no later than March 1, 2021.

Charge 4

Provide support on IFPTI’s Fellows projects that are focused on retail food safety.

Charge 5

Coordinate a virtual meeting with State retail food program mangers on a quarterly basis.

Charge 6

Coordinate a virtual meeting with similar retail program types to collaborate on implementing retail program standards. 


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