Coalition Members – Association of Food and Drug Officials                                                

Coalition for Poultry Safety Reform

Coalition Members

James Kincheloe ⌲

Food Safety Campaign Manager, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Sarah Sorscher ⌲

Deputy Director of Regulatory Affairs, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Thomas Gremillion ⌲

Director of Food Policy, Consumer Federation of America

Brian Ronholm ⌲

Director of Food Policy, Consumer Reports

Scott Faber ⌲

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Environmental Working Group

Mitzi Baum ⌲

Chief Executive Officer, Stop Foodborne Illness

Amanda Craten ⌲

Board Member, Stop Foodborne Illness

Vanessa Coffman ⌲

Director of the Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness, Stop Foodborne Illness

Barbara Kowalcyk ⌲

Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention, Ohio State University

Craig W. Hedberg ⌲

Professor and Interim Division Head, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Minnesota

Glenn Morris, Jr. ⌲

Professor and Director, Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida 

Martin Wiedmann ⌲

Professor, Cornell University

Alice Johnson ⌲

Senior Vice President, Food Safety, Butterball LLC

Bruce Stewart-Brown ⌲

Senior Vice President, Technical Services and Innovation, Perdue Farms

Juan F. De Villena ⌲

Sr. Vice President, Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Wayne-Sanderson Farms

Michael Robach ⌲

Chief Executive Officer, The Robach Group LLC

Steven Mandernach ⌲

Executive Director, Association of Food and Drug Officials

Jerold R. Mande ⌲

Former USDA Deputy Under Secretary, Food Safety

Michael Taylor ⌲

Former USDA FISIS Administrator and Acting Deputy Under Secretary, Food Safety

Craig Wilson ⌲

Vice President/GMM, Costco Wholesale

Barbara Masters ⌲

Vice President Regulatory Policy, Food and Agriculture, Tyson Foods

Angie Siemens

 Vice President, Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory, Cargill

Matthew Stasiewicz ⌲

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

The above members have agreed to the

Ground Rules for Coalition for Poultry Safety Reform

  • To endorse the 5 principles for Poultry Safety Reform.
  • Understand the coalition title will be used to describe the relationship between members but will not represent or speak on behalf of its members. 
  • To use information received in stakeholder meetings, but not identify its source if the information is not otherwise public (“Chatham House Rule”)
  • Accept that public output resulting from the work of the coalition will be circulated to members to amend or object prior to publication (e.g. press releases, public letters, regulatory comments)

Membership is not open to the public at this time.