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Tattoo Ink and Permanent Makeup Labeling Guide 2019

As the body art industry continues to evolve and become mainstream, there is a focus on the regulation of tattoo inks and permanent makeup. Just as important as the quality of the inks is their safety. Guidelines have been developed to help those who are involved in the creation, use, and regulation of products in the body art industries see the benefits and minimize the risks often believed to be associated with such products and their use.

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) Body Art Committee has released the Tattoo Ink and Permanent Makeup Labeling Guide to assist with tattoo ink and/or permanent makeup labeling and answer questions about labeling requirements under the applicable regulations. The guide presents suggested information to include on tattoo ink or permanent makeup labels as well as other information that may be helpful to individuals and entities involved in the creation, use and regulation of tattoo ink and permanent makeup labels.

The Tattoo Ink and Permanent Makeup Labeling Guide will assist industry, professionals, and regulators with compliance to U.S. laws and related regulations for tattoo ink or permanent makeup labeling of products in commercial distribution in the U.S. An additional checklist has been included at the end of this document to further assist in the assessment of the physical tattoo ink or permanent makeup label for both required and suggested information.

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