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2012 AFDO Conference & Workshop Presentations

2012 AFDO Conference & Workshop Presentations

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Saturday, June 2
IFPTI/AFDO Workshop: Training Essentials - Are You Prepared?

0815-0830 The State of Training for the Food Protection Community 
  • Jerry Wojtala, Executive Director, IFPTI [No Presentation]

0830-0915 FDA's Integrated Training Vision - Moving the Bar

0915-0945 Food Safety Certifications in the Era of FSMA and the Integrated Food Safety System

1010-1050 More than Bells and Whistles - Applying New Technologies to Learning

1050-1130 Virtual Learning: CDC's Local EHS Foodborne Illness Outbreak Environmental Assessment Training

1300-1345 Key Intersections - Perspectives on Industry and Government Training Together

1345-1430 Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance Training Programs

1430-1500 Ready for Some New Courses? - A Glimpse at What's in the Pipeline

1520-1550 New Course Showcase: The Integrated Food Safety System

1550-1620 New Course Showcase: Food Emergencies Response - Suite of Courses

Sunday, June 3
Committee Meetings and IFPTI Fellowship Presentations

0800-0845 Endowment Foundation
  • John C. Young, Chairman, Endowment Foundation [No Presentation]

0800-0930 Food Protection and Defense

0845-0930 Associate Membership
  • Sarah Geisert, Chair [No Presentation]
  • Cynthia Culmo, Chair [No Presentation]

0930-1200 Food

1030-1200 Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics
  • Tom Brinck, Chair [No Presentation]
  • Dennis Baker, Chair [No Presentation]

1300-1430 International and Government Relations 
  • Melinda Plaisier, Chair [No Presentation]
  • Robert Scales, Chair [No Presentation]

1300-1430 Laws and Regulations

1300-1500 Seafood

1400-1530 Administration

1430-1600 Laboratory, Science, and Technology

Monday, June 4
General Session

0815-0900 Writing to Tell the Truth
  • Nancy Singer, Compliance Alliance
  • Virginia Connelly, Director, Investigations Branch, Cincinnati District, FDA [No Presentation]
  • Angela Montalbano, Bio-Terrorism Food Security Inspector, New York Department of Agriculture and Markets [No Presentation]

0900-0930 FDA Keynote
  • Dara Corrigan, JD, Associate Commissioner of Regulatory Affairs, FDA [No Presentation]

0930-1000 USDA Keynote 
  • Elisabeth A. Hagen, MD, Under Secretary for Food Safety, USDA [No Presentation]

1015-1115 Implementing an Integrated Food Safety System 
  • Jeff Farrar, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Partnerships, FDA [No Presentation]
  • Joe Reardon, Senior Advisor Federal-State Relations, FDA [No Presentation]
  • Ted Elkin, Director, Office of Food Defense, Communication and Emergency Response, FDA [No Presentation]

1115-1200 A Brief Overview of GAO's Role in Food Safety

1330-1500 Using Alliances to Lead & Implement Food Safety Improvements

1515-1530 IFPTI Fellowship in Food Protection

1530-1615 Import/Export Issues within North America

1615-1700 FDA Compliance Issues

Tuesday, June 5
General Session

0800-0830 Health Canada Keynote
  • Paul Glover, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada [No Presentation]

0830-0900 Status of FSMA Rulemaking
  • Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods, FDA [No Presentation]

0900-0930 Canadian Food Inspection Agency Keynote
  • Cameron Prince, Vice-President, Inspection Modernisation, CFIA [No Presentation]

1000-1100 Preventive Controls - What's Next?

1100-1130 Burning Man - An Extraordinary Temporary Event

1130-1200 IFPTI Fellows Panel on Regulatory Controls
  • [Group Presentation]
  • Angela Montalbano, Bio-Terrorism Food Security Inspector, New York Department of Agriculture and Markets
  • Natalie Adan, Food Processing Program Manager, Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • Julie Henderson, Plant Program Manager, Virginia Department of Health, Division of Shellfish Sanitation

1330-1400 DHS Keynote
  • Dr. Alexander Garza, Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer [No Presentation]

1400-1430 Tools for Protecting the Nation's Food Supply

1430-1500 Food Protection Task Force Website Development

1515-1600 Third Party Auditing Panel
  • Stan Hazan, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, NSF International [No Presentation]
  • Bob Garfield, Senior Vice President, SQFI, Food Marketing Institute [No Presentation]
  • David Read, Assistant Director, Minnesota Department of Agriculture [No Presentation]
  • Sarah Geisert, Senior Director, Head of Global Product Safety and Regulatory, General Mills [No Presentation]
  • Michael Roberson, Director, Corporate Quality Assurance, Publix Super Markets, Inc. [No Presentation]

1600-1700 AFDO Cottage Foods Guidance and Panel
Monday, June 4
Drugs and Medical Devices Session

1025-1110 Pathway to Global Product Safety and Quality

1110-1200 Drug GMP Inspection Program Review and medical Devices Foreign Site Inspection Pilot 
  • Alexis Grolla, Manager Inspectorate Program, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Region, Health Canada [Presentation Confidential]

1330-1500 Closing the Loop between CAPA, Complaints, and Risk Management

1520-1600 FDA's Unique Device Identification Plan

1600-1700 Applying Good Manufacturing Practices to Combination Products

Tuesday, June 5
Drugs and Medical Devices Session

1010-1100 FDA Import Process and MARCS/PREDICT

1100-1210 Top 10 - 483 Observations for Drugs and Medical Devices

1330-1415 New Drug Application (NDA) Field Alert Reporting Requirements

1415-1500 Improving the 510(k) Premarket Review Process - Can Your Review Times be Lowered?

1515-1615 How to Develop an Effective Training Program
  • Nicole Petty, Senior Manager, Stryker Instruments [Presentation Confidential]

1615-1700 Electronic Medical Device Reporting (eMDR)
Wednesday, June 6
General Session

0800-0830 In the Weeds - Regulatory Issues Associated with Medical Marijuana
  • Cynthia Culmo, Senior Director, Strategic Compliance, Abbott Vascular [Presentation Confidential]

0830-900 CDC Keynote
  • Carol Selman, Senior Public Health Advisor, CDC [Presentation Confidential]

0900-0945 Listeria in Cantaloupe, The CDPHE Perspective of the Outbreak

0945-1100 BSE Panel

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