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Course Requirements and Modifications

General PSA Grower Training Course Requirements

All PSA Grower Training Courses must be registered with AFDO at least two weeks in advance of the course and include at least one PSA Lead Trainer who will be physically present through the entire course. Additionally, all trainers planning to deliver PSA Grower Training Curriculum Modules must have attended a PSA Train-the-Trainer Course and be PSA Trainers. AFDO will confirm that all trainers have attended the PSA Train-the-Trainer Course during course registration.



All PSA Grower Trainings must be registered with AFDO 2 weeks in advance.

Scheduling and registering trainings further in advance will allow AFDO and the PSA to ensure the educational materials and paperwork are received in time.

All PSA Grower Training Courses must have at least one PSA Lead Trainer who is physically present through the entire course.

Having more than one PSA Trainer or PSA Lead Trainer is ideal, as delivering 7 modules can be a lot for one person.

All PSA Grower Training Courses must be delivered in a language that is easily understood by participants and must use a PSA Grower Training manual in that same language. The PSA Grower Training manual translation must be reviewed by the PSA. For example, if the participants primarily speak and read in Spanish, then the approved Spanish translated materials must be used.

If you need a translation that is not available, contact the PSA to discuss a process that will result in an accepted translation.

All PSA Grower Training Course participants must be provided a copy of the current edition of the PSA Grower Training Manual.

You may provide additional educational materials beyond the PSA Grower Training Manual.

For participants to receive their certificates of course completion, they must be present for all seven of the PSA Grower Training Curriculum Modules.

Multi-day trainings are possible, but a record that all attendees were present at all seven modules may be requested.  

Web-based delivery of the PSA Grower Training Curriculum is currently not permitted.

The PSA is currently working on developing an online course to satisfy the same requirement, utilizing an online platform. See more information below in Modifications to PSA Course Materials and Course Delivery.

There is no maximum course attendance.

Recommended PSA Grower Training Course attendance is 30-50 people to facilitate discussion and answer questions.

Modifications to PSA Course Materials and Course Delivery

A. Curriculum Content

The PSA recognizes the diversity of fruit and vegetable growers across the country, including the wide range of commodities grown, farm sizes, regional climates, and market venues. The PSA curriculum has been designed as a standardized course and is intended to provide a consistent foundation of produce safety and FSMA Produce Safety Rule information. The course materials have been vetted and reviewed by subject matter experts, FDA Division of Produce Safety staff, University educators, regulatory officials, produce growers, and produce industry members from all over the country, and as a result, the text and content have been scrupulously selected. For this reason, the text content of the curriculum modules cannot be changed.

Three items that can be modified within the educational materials include the following:

  1. Photos in the Power Point slides may be changed to better represent a particular region, commodity, or audience.
  2. Addition of University or business logos on the introductory slide of each curriculum module. The PSA logo must remain on all curriculum slides.
  3. Addition of supplemental content, as long as the information is not presented on the PSA PowerPoint slide background to denote the content is not part of the standardized curriculum.

B. PSA Grower Training Course Delivery

The following are approved modifications and limitations of the PSA Grower Training Course delivery.

  • Multi-day Training Options: The PSA Grower Training Course agenda may be modified to accommodate a multi-day program, or a change in start or end times for the training day, provided that all seven curriculum modules are presented. Trainers are responsible for keeping track of attendance if modules are delivered on separate days. Any participant who does not attend all seven PSA Grower Training Curriculum Modules will not be eligible to receive a certificate. If the training is scheduled over multiple weeks, AFDO reserves the right to request attendance sheets to confirm that each participant has attended all seven PSA Curriculum Modules, if necessary.
  • Web-based/Remote Options: Currently, AFDO and the PSA are NOT approving any web-based or remotely delivered PSA Grower Training Courses. There are several concerns that remote presentations would not be able to effectively ensure participants receive a quality training experience, including having their questions answered and being provided an opportunity to evaluate their experience. The PSA is currently working to develop a web-based Grower Training Course that will address these concerns and ensure access to an effective online training. 

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