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Register a Course

To register a PSA Grower Training Course, you must be either a PSA Lead Trainer or PSA Trainer.  At least one PSA Lead Trainer is required to be physically present for the entire course. Trainers must submit a new course registration and supporting documentation to the AFDO office for all PSA Grower Training Courses. AFDO will confirm that all trainers have attended the PSA Train-the-Trainer Course, assign each course a number, and send the training information including payment details and paperwork that must be submitted by the trainer. After the training is complete, and upon receipt of the required documentation and payment for certificates, AFDO will issue and send the certificates directly to growers who have attended the entire course.

To register a PSA Grower Training Course, complete the PSA Grower Training Course Registration through the link above. 

PSA Grower Training Courses must be registered at least 2 weeks in advance of the training date to ensure proper paper work can be completed. AFDO reviews course registrations within 5-7 days of receiving this form.

AFDO will forward the applications to the assigned PSA Committee for review and comment.  The response can be: Registration approved, Registration pending modifications (itemized), or Registration denied. Please read the PSA Grower Training Course Requirements prior to submitting your PSA Grower Training Course Registration Form. 

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