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 Seafood HACCP Train-the-Trainer Course


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Open Call for Seafood HACCP & SCP Trainers

The Seafood HACCP Alliance (SHA) is planning the ‘Train-the-Trainer’ session for 2019.  The session is organized to prepare additional, ‘qualified’ instructors to provide the standard SHA Basic Seafood HACCP Course, Segment Two HACCP Course, and the related Sanitation Control Procedures (SCP) Course in accordance with their established protocol recognized by the Association of Food and Drug Official (AFDO) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Participants are encouraged from academia, regulatory, and commercial programs about the nation and around the world. All applicants will be reviewed to assure experience and intentions to conduct the standard training courses. All approved applicants must have completed the Seafood HACCP Alliance Basic Seafood HACCP course in advance to assure they are familiar with the required SHA training materials, regulations and concepts.  The 2019 TTT course will not include an initial Segment Two HACCP portion to pre-qualify applicants.

APPLY before: TBD

Further information is available in the SHA/AFDO Protocol.

SUBMIT APPLICATIONS to: or mail to AFDO, 155 W Market Street, 3rd Floor, York PA 17401 - Attention: Alena King

The registration fee ($TBD) will cover all training materials, meeting facilities and instruction. The training materials will include the latest version of all SHA training manuals and materials, plus the FDA Hazards Guide and various HACCP model plans. Approved applicants will receive further instructions in advance to allow time for payments, planning for travel, hotel lodging and any necessary VISAs. The course will be taught in English with English training materials approved by SHA to assure compliance with the prevailing HACCP regulations mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).





Seafood HACCP & SCP (Sanitation Control Procedures)


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Description:  The Train-the-Trainer course is a classroom format (2.5 days for HACCP and last 0.5 day for SCP) that focuses on actual training techniques, materials, and requirements for “approved” participants to be recognized as “qualified” SHA instructors.  The qualified instructors are then allowed to conduct the standard Seafood HACCP Alliance training for Basic and Segment Two HACCP courses and the accompanying Sanitation Control Procedures Course (SCP) that yield a “certificate of course completion” in accordance with the established protocols maintained and recorded by SHA/AFDO. The TTT course includes instructor manuals, lectures, and group exercises

Audience:  These courses are open to regulatory officials, industry employees, academia and international participants.

Pre-Requisites:  Applicants MUST have completed the Seafood HACCP Alliance’s Basic HACCP Course* and possess expertise in the area of seafood safety and related food safety controls. The applicants will be screened for experience and training for HACCP and seafood processing, as well as, their intentions, work assignments and/or experience in conducting HACCP training.

Application & Selection Process:  Download the Application Form or contact the AFDO Office at  Because this course can only accommodate a limited number of students, we will select participants to create a class that is geographically diverse.  Preference will be given to applicants with training responsibilities or the potential to instruct future course offerings, as well as students from state agencies.  Applications will be reviewed by an independent selection committee.

Selection criteria includes:

  • Persons having a background of training and experience in food science, food microbiology and/or food chemistry, sanitation in food processing or related fields.
  • Persons with some prior experience and understanding of HACCP systems and/or sanitation in food processing for food safety.
  • * Certificate from AFDO indicating completion of the SHA Basic HACCP course either via classroom format or through the internet version, both Segment 1 and 2. [SHA Basic HACCP Internet course: ]

Travel:  Participants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.  Upon selection, participants will be sent a confirmation and provided with additional travel information and direction for required payments.

Cost:  There will be a registration fee per participant ($TBD).  This fee will cover the cost of the course, training materials, instructions and trainer certificates.  Payment instructions will be provided once an applicant is confirmed for participation.

Trainer Certificates will only be issued to participants that attend all 3-days of the scheduled training (or HACCP Trainer certificates for 2.5 days and SCP Trainer certificates for 0.5 days).  If participants miss any of the training, they are not eligible for the AFDO Certificate of Course Attendance.



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